Jaja's Pepper Sauce is a slow roasted hot sauce for the discerning spice-lover to savor. Unlike other hot sauces, we offer depth of flavor and a Trinidadian twist

Twisted Tuna Dip

Skill Level – beginner

Serves 1. Multiply the amounts by the number of people you are serving

Serve as a snack with chips or crackers. Plate as an appetizer with French bread. Add as an unexpected accompaniment to a cheese plate.

Tuna is a staple in my household. When I want to share a light snack with the family or take a quick work break, I whip up this easy tuna dip. The recipe scales to serve as many as you need to feed. Simply multiple the ingredients' portions by the number of guests.

Tuna packed in olive oil, one tin or packet
Small red or yellow onion, single ¾ inch slice, diced
Garlic, ¼ glove or roughly 1/8 tsp
JaJa’s Pepper Sauce, ¾ wooden spoonful


Open and drain the tin or packet of tuna. Toss into a small bowl. Carve a ¾ inch slice from your small red or yellow onion. Dice and sprinkle on top of the tuna. Mince clove of garlic. Use ¼ of the quantity or roughly 1/8 tsp. Scatter over tuna and onion mixture.


Measure out ¾ spoonful of included wooden spoon onto the tuna, onion, and garlic mixture. Lightly toss to mix. Serve in a small bowl with chips, crackers, French bread, or on the side of a cheese plate.