Jaja's Pepper Sauce is a slow roasted hot sauce for the discerning spice-lover to savor. Unlike other hot sauces, we offer depth of flavor and a Trinidadian twist

My 90 Second Feel-Good Avocado


Skill Level – beginner

Serves 1 - 2

Serve as a snack, light lunch, or appetizer

This is my ultra-speedy recipe for a light and healthy lunch or appetizer for unexpected company. The recipe only takes 90 seconds to complete and can be whipped up with staples straight from your pantry! The resulting treat is creamy, spicy, and garlic-forward. I describe the dish as spicy guacamole without the fuss!


One ripe avocado, pitted and halved
Olive oil, ½ tsp drizzled
Lemon, ¾ inch slice or roughly ½ tsp
JaJa’s Pepper Sauce, 2 wooden spoonful’s

Place avocado on a flat surface. Gently knife around the center, lightly grazing the core. Softly pull avocado apart. Discard the pit. Lay the two halves on your serving plate.

Lightly drizzle olive oil across full surface of the two halves. Quick lemon squeeze across the halves. Splash a rounded wooden spoonful of JaJa’s Pepper Sauce in the center of each half. Enjoy!